Using in Monorepos

Using Visualwind in Monorepos

If you open a monorepo in VS Code, Visualwind is not activated by default. This is because Visualwind looks up for package.json, then check if it has 'react' dependency.

The obvious solution is to open the react project subfolder directly (e.g. apps/my-app, in which is a react project). However, if you want to work from the root folder of the monorepo, there is still a way to activate Visualwind.

How to activate Visualwind in Monorepos

Add React Project Folder to Workspace in addition to the root folder:

Add Folder to Workspace VS Code allows you to open mutiple folders in a workspace. You can go to File > Add Folder to Workspace to add a folder. Typically, you want to open the root folder first, then add the react project subfolder. This way, Visualwind will recognize the react project and activate itself.


Currently, only one react project can be activated at a time. Even if you have multiple react projects in the monorepo, you can only activate one at a time.